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Humbucker Pickups
Prices specified below are for uncovered pickups
Current production time 2 weeks.

Lord of the BluesTM  

$110  BUY NOW
The Lord of the Blues (LOTB) set produces pure
to the core P.A.F. tone. Using a unique winding recipe and Alnico 2 magnets, we have given this pickup a dynamically rich voicing. The bridge pickup generates plenty of vintage chime and midrange punch as well as clarity on the high end that comes through without ever being harsh. The ultra-sensitive string response of the neck pickup provides an abundant amount of note definition making picked notes and chords sparkle. This set enhances any guitar but works particularly well for Les Paul-type guitars with the mahogany body/maple top combination. This is an outstanding set for the blues, country, or rock player. If you have been searching for the holy grail of P.A.F. tone, you may have just found it with this vintage-style pickup. Specifications: Bridge DCR: 8.5K Ohm, Neck DCR: 7.3K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 2.

Rebel P.A.F.TM

$110  BUY NOW
Players wanting a P.A.F.-style pickup with more drive and bite but still possesses that prized vintage P.A.F. tone, the Rebel P.A.F. is just what the tone doctor ordered. We revved-up the bridge pickup with an Alnico V magnet, offset the coils, and wound it hotter than the average P.A.F.-style bridge pickup. We've also wound the neck pickup in a similar fashion. Over winding the coils to the precise level that we have chosen accomplishes two things. First, we have boosted the frequencies in all the right places. A robust tight low end, focused, slightly compressed midrange, and a smooth top end, all come together to form that distinctive P.A.F. vibe. Secondly, we have increased the output level to give players more muscle to get the most out of any music style--from rock to blues and everything in between. Specifications: Bridge DCR: 9K Ohm, Neck DCR: 7.6K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 5.


$110  BUY NOW
The RebelFire is an aggressive medium output pickup that offers players a full tonal palette. It developed as a custom wind for a customer needing a harmonically complex pickup with "beef and sizzle". Demand for it has grown by word of mouth and I have since added it to my regular lineup as a permanent model. The RebelFire delivers a perfect balance of bass, midrange, and treble at any volume level and it's power and clarity gives players plenty of leeway to manipulate amp and pedal settings to achieve a broad range of great tone without ever turning it into mud. Of particular note is it's responsiveness to pick attack. Digging the pick into the strings will produce a lot of power and lighter picking will create a much cleaner mellower sound. Specifications: Bridge DCR: 10K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 5.



The Superstar pickup is our sonic tribute to the golden age of arena rock--when big hair, big audiences, and big sound were the craze. Think of this pickup as all those great tones of the late 70's and 80's, which we loved so much, all wrapped up into one package. Its voicing captures the powerful tones of such greats as Rhoads, Schenker, Frehley, and Young, to name a few. Thick mids and killer sustain, a well-defined low-end crunch, and a scorching high end are the hallmarks of this pickup's sonic qualities. The Superstar's diverse sonic range covers a lot of territory and can handle anything from heavy chunky rhythms to light picking rock ballads. Whether you're into 60's or 70's classic rock, 80's glam, or death metal, the Superstar is guaranteed to rock your world! Specifications: Bridge DCR: 17.4K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 8.


$110  BUY NOW
The Rockdriver pickup is a Rock 'n' Roll tone machine. It produces huge amounts of warm tone, endless sustain, and rugged, crunchy distortion. A tight low end, pronounced midrange growl, and rounded highs are driven by an aged Alnico II magnet and overwound coils. When you're ready to launch into a burning solo or provide thick crunchy rhythms to support one, this hot rockin' pickup is the one to have to get the job done. It also will provide all the power that you'll ever need to ensure that you are playing loud and proud and rockin' the crowd. This is an exceptional pickup for warming up bright guitars. Specifications: Bridge DCR: 14.5K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 2.

Black DiamondTM

$110  BUY NOW
Power and cut are the Black Diamond's glimmering facets. Thick tight bass, serious midrange snarl, and a glossy top end coupled with aggressive harmonics allow for both clarity and force without sacrificing any of it's dynamic and rich tonal spectrum. In fact, the Black Diamond's distinctive voicing makes it ideal for live performances and studio recordings where both blistering solos and tight rhythm tracks are required. Of particular note, is this pickup's exceptionally clear high end which will cut through any mix with forceful definition.
The Black Diamond can kick your amp into full overdrive and will clean up nicely when rolling back the volume knob. Specifications: Bridge DCR: 16K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 5. 

Specialty Pickups


$125  BUY NOW
The year was 1978. A hot new guitarist blazed on
to the music scene with an innovative playing style and sound. It was a moment in rock history that signaled everything had changed. Folks, including myself, were awestruck by his technique and the shear power and pure rock tones that erupted from his guitar. He later coined his signature tone the "Brown Sound". The Erupter pickup captures the legendary tone of that time. This hot-rodded PAF-style pickup provides infinite sustain and the rich harmonics that he is known for. An A2 magnet delivers clarity and a smooth lively punch. Get ready for some 6-sting pyrotechnics. Specifications: Bridge DCR 9.1K Ohm, Magnet: Alnico 2. Available in 50mm spacing only, just like the original.

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