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 What people are saying about GUITARFORCE Pickups

David C.
First off, thank you. I just got the pickups installed today, and no bullshit, I am totally blown away. I was afraid that the bridge pickup was going to be too high output, but it sounds like a big fat crunchy growly PAF style pickup(to my ear) with great high end. It really was exactly what I was looking for. The neck pickup is warm and smooth with excellent note definition. It does exactly what I want a neck pickup to sound like. I can even get harmonics on it with just the rhythm channel and the gain set at noon. I wired it with a .22 Mallory cap on the tone pot and a Sprague Orange Drop treble bleed mod on the volume pot. If I roll down the volume, these pickups clean up so nicely. Just excellent cleans. Another thing that I really was digging was how quiet these are under extremely high gain, which is surprising to me considering how hot the bridge pickup is. Doesn't contribute to that "waterfall" sound you'd normally hear. I really love your pickups, and I'm having them installed in my other guitars. I wish you did single-coils. All the freaking best. \m/

Skyla T.
Wow...threw in the "Superstar" pickup and damn...what a difference. The whole band couldnt believe what a difference a pickup could make. I'm in the middle of a new record deal soon so I'll be sure to get some more people turned on to these. Thanks! Skyla

Wei L.

Just to shoot a quick hi from Taiwan! It's been an year since I purchased the pickup from you.  I'm just so thrilled to let you know that I finally had a local luthier installed the Erupter pickup on my Tokai Les Paul, and now I have got the exact tone that I seek.  This Erupter,  my first custom pickup, can handle drop D tuning, heavy distortion, and different genres of rock/metal music so well because the pickup is so balanced, and bass response is so tight and clear.  You've done an amazingly great job making this pickup and I just wanna thank you for being so professional and sincere! 


Paul A.

The pickups arrived today and they are fantastic! Thank you so much! If you ever need clips/demoes, just say so. I can whip something up. These are great pickups sir! Thanks again!


Joe T.

I received the pickups. They are incredible sounding! You wind some awesome pickups! Thank you!


Colby S.
Love these things!


Joe E.
Hey Kevin,


Finally installed the Erupter and neck pup in my Wolfgang, along with RS pots & cap. I have played it for a few days and compared with my other guitars. Your pups sound great. Very crisp and articulate with great harmonics and dynamics. Very usable throughout the tone range of the pots. It does what all great pups do. Crank the volumn pot to add gain and roll it back to clean up the tone. Even the neck pup is extremely clear and balances perfect with the Erupter.


Some neck pups really get muddy quick, even a few of the pups from other top winders. These are well worth your normal prices and are a steal at the discounted prices you offered us.


Keep up the good work. You have a great product and are building a loyal following.


Matt P.
I just finished the install and they sound GREAT. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. I'm most impressed by the clarity. Thanks so much for getting them here so quick. On top of the sound, I think they just look great too.


Ricky P.
Dear Kevin, finally installed your Lord of the Blues and Rebel PAF pickups. I must say that they are one of the best sounding pickups I've ever tried. I had a reissue that I had almost given up on. Tried several other "boutique" pickups on that guitar and thought I had purchased a lemon. But lo and behold, your Rebel PAF pickups simply breathed life into it. Now it's my favorite guitar.

When I first measured the bridge of the Rebel PAF and it a registered a 9.1K reading, I thought to myself "Awww no". You see I've purchased another boutique pickup with a reading that high some time ago and I was not very happy with it. But I was pleasantly surprised with your wind. UBER FANTASTIC!!!! The guitar tech who installed the GuitarForce pickups said it was one of the best he has heard, and believe me he has installed a lot other boutique pickups. THANK YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE DA BOMB!!!!!


Adam B.
Hey Kevin, I just wanted to let you know I couldn't be happier with the pickups you made for me.  The RebelFire bridge & LOTB neck is an incredible combination.  They give me everything I need and together they are extremely versatile.  I will admit I was a little worried the RebelFire would be much louder than the LOTB but they really do match up well.  They are exaclty what I was looking for... Anyway, you wind a great pickup and have something special going on here.  I will be sticking with you for all my future pickup purchases.

John P.
Hi Kevin, Man this pickup sounds like cats fighting, what did you do to me?  Are you sure you're running a custom pickup company?  MY GUITAR SOUNDS LIKE A JOHN DEER TRACTOR.  Just kidding...LOL One of the best pickups I have ever heard. If you ever need a positive review you can count me in! Just let me know? I am looking at some others from you. Best of luck on your continued success of Guitar Force pickups. "SAY NO TO CORPORATE PICKUPS."

Kevin, you must have sold your soul to the Flying Dutchman to obtain such a perfect recipe in the Rebel PAF's!!!!!! I had this set installed into my Goldtop, and its just an overwhelmingly perfect guitar. I can't thank you enough for such a killer pickup set. I didn't really know what to expect exactly, but now that I know, I will buy more pickups from you in the future when needed, and will recommend you to anyone I know asking for pickup ideas. KILLER sounding pickups bro, its a riot how good!!!!!!

Billy M.
(comment about the Erupter)...Wicked Brown Sound!!! Almost sounds like the master wound it himself!!

Richard I.
... the pickup is working out great. Being the middle pickup I have to lower it a bit so it doesn't interfere with my picking but in doing so it still retains the tone and clarity that I was looking for, where the XXXXXXXXX would tend to get muddy and get lost...

All I can say is that I accidentally came across your pickups and being the experimental type, I had to try out your pickups to see what they were about. I've tried XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, XX XXXXXX, and others I've now forgotten but I've been very satisfied with the pickups that I have from you. I currently play in a cover band and the variety of tones I can get from them, as I have the 4 conductor pickup versions, is more than I could ask for. I think my experimenting has come to an end. I only wish you made single coil pickups...I've got a few guitars that really need your expertise...

Nick A.
I finally got around to installing the Rebel PAF II's in my Les Paul. Long story short...they sound incredible. I compared them to my guitar that has XXXXXXXXXXXX. The Rebel's have much more definition and "girth". Makes me want to save and buy some for my SG.

Scott W. Webbs Guitars
This guy knows his sh*t, absolute best pickup I've owned and I have owned hundreds.

Richard W.
These pups run with anyone at any price bar none and not by chance, astonishing!

Jack B. Briggs Guitars
I wanted to touch base with you about my impressions of your Vintage '57' pickups. I think you've got something going on here with these, and trust me - I have tried a lot of boutique pickups on the market. There are a lot of good ones out there, but very few stand out. I think if these are pretty representative of your work across the board, you'll be well received.

What I'm hearing in the Vintage '57's is a nice woodiness (best way for me to describe it) and warmth, without lack of clarity. The neck pup in particular has these qualities - woodiness and clarity. What a PAF type should sound like. The middle position has that great quack that a classic Gibson should have - very nice! The bridge had me initially wishing for a little less output (I may still lean that way), but there is something going on with it that keeps me playing - extracting more harmonic goodness and grindy tones with every hour of play...

Peter E.
A+ on the pickups Kevin. I was digging my sound all night!  Great balance and they were cutting through the mix much better than I could get the XXXXXXX to. 

Mitch M.
I'm just writing to let you know that I finally put the Erupter in my guitar and it kicks total ass!! I wanted a Les Paul Jr. and I found one on ebay. It came with the cheap humbucker that sounded like sh*t. The tone now is outstanding. It has killer sustain and when played thru my Marshall, just crushes! Thanks so much!!!

Mike A.

Hey, just wanted to say this pickup is friggin' amazing. All that and a bag of chips!! Super happy I went with you.
My Kramer 1984 sounds godlike now. What a difference between the Erupter and the special Gibson alnico pickup they put in it stock.


Yours has better body with much tighter low end. I got it set high up close to the strings for extra raunch and responsiveness and the bottom still stays tight with a nice bounce. Big improvement I must say. Thanx again dude!


Keith L.

Well, I finally got the Lord of the Blues pickups installed, and all I can say is...


These pickups are beautiful. Everything that's said in the description on the website is true. They go from a smooth edge of distortion sweetness for blues, to a warm grind for classic rock, to a sharp, biting attack for harder rock...but without a hint of ice pick. I really like the open airy-ness of A4 magnets. The tone they produce is tight, clear, and articulate, with great note definition in single notes or chords. These pickups really take advantage of those properties. They just sound so dynamic like they're alive...

I've just begun experimenting with them, and at the same time I'm breaking in a new amp (Ceriatone Overtone Special). Between the two, there is a lot of tonal territory to explore. One thing's certain about the amp - and these pickups only compliment it - is that every note, every nuance, every subtlety to your playing is picked up by these pickups and just blooms through this amp. Of course, that includes every mistake as well, but that only forces you to concentrate more and become a better player.


Roland G.

Just wanted to let you know that I installed the Erupter pickup on my Peavey Wolfgang and it now sounds like a true Eddie Van Halen guitar. Your claim about what the Erupter pickup sounds like and does is spot on and I'm glad I took the chance on buying your pickup. You really nailed the "Brown Sound" and I really like the way the tone cleans up and maintains it's high-end clarity when I turn down the volume knob. The original Peavey Wolfgang pickups just don't have the same characteristics as true A2 magnets have. Why Eddie and Peavey used ceramic magnets instead, I'll never know, I really liked my Wolfie. But now, I really love my Wolfie...thanks to you.
...your pickup is the perfect replacement t for anyone wanting the sought after "Brown Sound" that so many of us have been chasing since the late 70's. You Rock, dude! Thanks, Kevin. I will definitely recommend yo
ur pickups to anyone wanting to replace their stock pickups or needing pickups for that special project custom-built guitar. Your pickups are a solid made, high quality, attention to detail product that everyone looks for, especially in today's economy.


Matt J.
...To tell you the truth, I think the bridge sounds way better than the XXXXXX (just don't tell XXX).  I was shocked!  Not that I doubted your talent but they really do sound great. The best I've heard. 

Jeff F.
I have owned many pickups and have done sound clips for many pickup winders. GUITARFORCE pickups have a tone all their own. I always like to try new stuff and was I happy I tried these. Kevin makes quite an arsenal of pickups. From vintage PAF to all out rock, they just sound great. I have tried many of Kevin's pickups, and they all have something I loved, pure tone. They are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Robert W.
Your Rebel I PAF bridge pickup is "very articulate and touch-sensitive. With my full overdrive tone going, I could switch to fingerpicking or soft picking and get a very nice clean sound. Dialing the volume down to 4-5 gave me a nice clean sound as well.
... and when playing in the areas between low E up to the blues box at C it really was in it's prime. Low notes growl, high notes sing. Really nice sustain, and when I did my volume pedaling the cello sounds were really nice. Overall--great pickup, I'd recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their guitar."

Cody J.
Well, having gigged with the Rebel I neck pickup... I LOVE THIS PICKUP! Great clean tone. Very warm with no flab. What I really like is that it maintains a great clarity and somewhat sparkle. Being the neck position, sometimes that gets lost and just sounds muddy. Now, with distortion and overdrive was my main focus. Takes all my pedals very well. Does not get muddy AT ALL! I'm really not just saying that. I play modern worship, so a great thick classic rock tone is needed. It has a great overdriven clarity... which is why I was replacing my neck pickup in the first place. (Rocketfire tele w/ a XXXXX bucker neck). The low end has a lot of depth and is not shallow at all, same with the mids. I'm not sure if this is the standard of ALL Rebel I's or if it was custom wound per our conversation. Kevin was very approachable in the process and answered all my questions really promptly. I can tell you that the pickup exceeded my expectations in its delivery of the desired tone. The sustain is very nice and consistent. Doesnt get too "harmonic" and/or feedback too soon. All in all, great pickup and now playing it I would pay the normal price for a replacement.

Jeff H.
GUITARFORCE pickups are first class custom shop quality in both look, build, and tone.
Kevin will listen to you and deliver the goods. If you guys are looking for superior tone--look no more! GUITARFORCE is a force to be reckoned with.

Aaron B.
I put your pickups in last night and tested them out today. I love them! ... I really love the sound and tone of your Rebel PAF pickups. They have a great balance together and alone they have great sound and tone too. Very well matched set that gives a variety of sound. I will definitely keep you in mind for the future.

Dwayne. E
Wow.... I was really impressed with XXXXXXXX, but after last night the LOTB's are my favorite. I played through a new amp I just picked up, the Rivera Jake Studio and these pickups sound incredible through them. I switched to my Deluxe Reverb and it was nice, but when I went back to the Jake it was like they were made for each other.
I can't wait to install the v57's and hear them.

Got them installed today in my non f hole, asian 335 style guitar..some thoughts: They are exactly what I wanted. Dead quiet. No mud in the low end. I actually enjoy playing Fmaj7 at the first Really nice blended sound and the bridge alone is pleasant.
The pickups have a very nice string to string balance as well. Some nice sparkle and good note definition in complex chords. Fun to play jazzy lines... Bottom line is that I dont know what true PAF's sound like, but yours are just great and I really enjoy playing the guitar with them in it.


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